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A hybrid collector goes on a journey

In the EU MOST project, CAE has the task of developing a special hybrid solar collector that deviates significantly from the requirements of a conventional thermal solar collector. In the upper layer of the collector, UV-part of the solar spectrum is absorbed and stored in molecules solved in a transparent liquid.

Scalable Synthesis of Norbornadienes via in situ Cracking of Dicyclopentadiene using Continuous Flow Chemistry

The Diels-Alder reaction with cyclopentadiene typically involves tedious cracking procedures from the dimer. In this contribution from the Prof. Moth-Poulsen group, it is shown how MOST photoswitches can be made on a 100 g scale in a single step combining cyclopentadiene cracking with Diels-Alder reaction using a reaction in flow.

University of La Rioja GRUFOR

Our goal within the MOST project is primarily focused upon the chemical catalytic release of stored solar energy from the metastable quadricyclane molecule to the parent molecule norbornadiene. In the organic photochemistry group at the University of La Rioja, we test a variety of catalytic materials in conjunction with different norbornadiene-quadricyclane molecule pairings.

Chalmers ACE

Our aim is to develop numerical benchmarks and performance criteria for the MOST system. In the Building Physics Modeling research group at Chalmers, we describe real-life performance cases of the MOST solar collector and the heat generation device with building applications as a reference.

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