Converting solar energy to electricity on demand

Most Solar Project

Converting solar energy to electricity on demand

Our MOST project aims to develop a zero-emission solar energy storage system that can capture solar energy at room temperature and store the energy for very long periods of time. This corresponds to a closed cycle of energy capture, storage and release. Now, some of our members have succeeded in getting the system to produce electricity, by connecting it to a thermoelectric generator. Eventually, the research – developed at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden – could lead to self-charging electronics using stored solar energy on demand.

The new study, published in Cell Reports Physical Science and carried out in collaboration with researchers in Shanghai, takes the solar energy system a step further, detailing how it can be combined with a compact thermoelectric generator to convert solar energy into electricity.

“This is a radically new way of generating electricity from solar energy. It means that we can use solar energy to produce electricity regardless of weather, time of day, season, or geographical location. It is a closed system that can operate without causing carbon dioxide emissions,” says research leader Kasper Moth-Poulsen, Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Chalmers.

Chalmers University of Technology | Per Erséus, Språng kommunikation