In the EU MOST project, CAE has the task of developing a special hybrid solar collector that deviates significantly from the requirements of a conventional thermal solar collector. In the upper layer of the collector, UV-part of the solar spectrum is absorbed and stored in molecules solved in a transparent liquid. The liquid is pumped through the double-walled cover of a solar collector, which makes optimum use of the remaining spectrum. A big thank you to GREENoneTEC Solarindustrie GmbH for providing important components for the thermal part of the collector.

The hybrid collector has now been sent to our project partner in Barcelona to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) for functional tests. Here, the hybrid collector will be integrated into an overall system in order to test the collector’s efficiency and thermal charging and discharging processes over a longer period of time under real conditions. This is the first installation of its kind in the world.